Joost Jansen

PhD Candidate in Sociology
About me

About me

“The sociological imagination, I remind you, in considerable part consists of the capacity to shift from one perspective to another, and in the process to build up an adequate view of a total society and of its components. It is this imagination, of course, that sets off the social scientist from the mere technician.” C. Wright Mills (1959)

As a PhD Candidate, I study how, in the context of the Olympic Games, discourses of migration, citizenship and nationhood have changed over the course of the past decades. My project is part of a broader research programme on the interrelation between sport on the one hand and citizenship and nationhood on the other. For more information on this project, see: www.sportandnation.com.

In the spirit of C. Wright Mills, I consider a sociologist as an intellectual craftsman (m/f): someone who masters both theory and method. While theories releases the sociological imagination, choosing the right method helps us formulating durable answers to sociological problems.  I have a particular interest in the application of machine learning approaches to quantitative text analysis.

As a teacher, I have taught a variety of courses, ranging from soci(ologic)al theory to statistics. I very much enjoy teaching; the interaction with students, trying to trigger their sociological imagination.